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As part of the ongoing Lifelong Learning work developed under the SICAP Program, five local community groups have participated in a pilot project; a VIRTUAL ART EXHIBITION. Members of the five groups were asked to make a piece of art during the Covid 19 lockdown and write a short piece about why they made the image, what was important to them during lockdown. The groups that participated were: 

• The Felting Word Group
• The Resource House Ladies Group
• The Aclare Art Group
• The Social Circles Group
• The Sunshine Group

We would like to thank all the individuals and the groups that participated and have agreed to share their work on Sligo Leader Partnership Company’s new media platforms.

The Aclare Art Group

Time by Jax 
During the Covid-19 lockdown our thoughts focused on our loved ones, friends, family and the things that mean the most to us.
My most cherished memories are of events with people and not possessions - This was the inspiration for this drawing. It captures the time spend on this planet and how our relatives are able to share in this time with us from birth to death, with one life overlapping the other.
My hope is that if this time has taught us anything it should be - How important and valuable life is over any material things. Jacqueline Latraille
Relaxing in the West  
Relaxing in the West of Ireland, Peaceful, Peaceful in this time of chaos it’s the place to be. So blessed to live in the west. Joan Harvie
"Beautiful weather, a time for long walks and reflection. The beauty of silence and stillness. Birds singing in the trees and nature at its best. This is how I found my inspiration as I crossed the footbridge of the River Moy close to my home and reflected on times past. This was my time to turn these memories into a painting”. Pauline Walsh
’During lock down I befriended the birds, greeting them in the morning. They were my constant companions and I feel like we had come to a place where they didn’t feel threatened by me. To celebrate this friendship I worked with some acrylics that had been lying in a forgotten box and dust covered brushes. And happily I found my way back to the meditation of painting and the journey it takes you on through mark making with colour’. Sylvia Callan
I painted this because I needed something to do to take my mind off the fact that I felt trapped in the house. I was feeling quite agitated and couldn’t concentrate on reading or gardening or other drawing and painting. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much. I became totally engrossed. Karina McHugh

The Felting Word Group from West Sligo

‘Consistency’ Embroidery Textile art by Lorraine Judge
‘Missing my Grandchildren’ Still Life Painting by Maura O’Connor. ‘One of the hardest things to endure during this lockdown is not seeing my grandchildren. So, thanks to the art club I was able to do this still life of some of the toys my grandkids play with. It will be a reminder of happier times.’
‘Chewing the Cud’ Acrylic Painting by Carmel Hargadon
Solitary Serenity’ Observational Study by Bernie Gallagher

Resource House Ladies Art Group

This group’s name is Resource House Ladies Art Group. The members are:
• Kathleen Mc Daniel
• Natascha Brady
• Patricia Wallace
• Samantha Love
• Cora Cassidy
‘I painted this picture of my sister-in-law Maisie Mc Daniel. She was a great country and western singer in the 60s and had her own show on RTE where she had her own band. I wanted to paint her picture she’s now hanging in our sitting room with us.’ Kathleen Mc Daniel.

Social Circles Group

The Sunshine Group 1

Gerry - decided to paint the sea view from Rosses Point.
Michael painted a picture with regard to the shops being closed during the pandemic.
James coloured in a picture of Tom and Jerry, as this is his favourite cartoon on the telly, and he enjoys watching this during the lockdown.
Alice coloured a picture of some monkeys, as this reminds her of Dublin Zoo