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The DIGITAL DIVIDE Project 2020 was developed through the SICAP programme to promote engagement with digital media. A series of YouTube clips and handouts have been developed for individuals and community groups. The instructional YouTube clips are available by clicking on the links below. For more information or to request a copy of the handouts, please contact Geri Bruce at 

Video tutorial 1: Kate takes us through how to set up Zoom on your device.

Video tutorial 2: Video tutorial on how to use Zoom. 

Video tutorial 2: Kate explains how to join a Zoom Meeting. 

Video tutorial 3: Kate takes us through how to host your own meeting on zoom. 

Video tutorial 4: How to set up soundcloud on your phone.

Video tutorial 5: Kate explains how to upload recordings and create playlists on SoundCloud.

Video 6: Video tutorial on how to use Video Editor.